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Have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected and secure.

Vehicle theft is always a risk no matter where you are. Installing a car security system gives you added protection that your factory alarm doesn’t. Protect your vehicle and your belongings with a security alarm system by reputable brands like Compustar, Viper, or Prestiege.

Frequently Asked Alarm Questions

Aftermarket car alarms come with a variety of added security features that normally aren’t found in factory alarms. The most notable improvement is the addition of shock sensors, and integrated kill switches. Most factory alarms will only go off if a door is opened while your vehicle is locked while an aftermarket alarm will go off if its shock sensor detects any sort of impact on the vehicle like a theif trying to pry a door open. Most factory alarms also do not come with any sort of kill switch which means that thieves could potentially hot wire a car and steal it; aftermarket alarms come with integrated kill switches which means that thieves cannot start the vehicle without first deactivating the alarm.

Yes! We have solutions to install remote starts on most vehicles old and new!

Different models of alarms and remote starters come with different sorts of controllers. Our more advanced alarms and remote starters come with 2-Way controllers that display vehicle information on their screen. These types of controls are useful because they will alert you directly if your alarm is going off, a door is open, or if your vehicle is remote start is active even if you are too far to see your vehicle.

Our more pocket friendly alarms come with 1-way pagers that are only used to send commands to the alarm and will not give you any sort of alert or feedback.

Yes! You can control your alarm and even track your vehicle from your phone with the addition of Compustar’s Drone Mobile module or Viper’s VSM module.

Most modern alarms are designed to have a very low power draw to avoid any sort of battery issues in the long run. A properly installed alarm system will not conflict with your vehicle’s factory electronics at all.

The biggest reason for adding an aftermarket remote start to your vehicle is to increase the range from which you can start your vehicle. On most factory remote starters you can only start your vehicle as long as you’re within 1000 feet from the vehicle.  After market remote start controls have a much larger operational range so you will be able to start your vehicle from much further away.

Build a Security System That Fits Your Needs

Not all car alarms are created equal. We can help you find the car alarm that has all the features that you are looking for and more! From security and remote starter packages to built in starter kill switches we have the expertise and experience to find the right alarm for you and even get it installed in your vehicle.

Stay Ahead of the Weather With a Remote Starter

Remote starters are the perfect way to keep your vehicle cool during the Summer and warm during the Winter. You can add any one of our many remote start options to most vehicles even if they did not come with remote start from factory. 

Compustar Alarms: The Most Advanced Alarm Systems on the Market

Compustar alarms offer the most advanced features of all car alarm and remote starters on the market. Compustar’s cutting edge sensors and controllers will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle and your belongings are safe no matter where you find yourself. 

With over 5 available controller options our Compustar alarm packages can be configured to fit your needs and budget. 

The Compustar T12 Pro Package

Remote Start From A Distance

Are you tired of getting into your car and having to wait for it to cool down on scorching summer days? Does your factory remote start control not have the range you’re looking for? Imagine stepping into a perfectly comfortable vehicle, already warmed up or cooled down to your preferred temperature. Our T12 package from Compustar gives you the best of remote start and security features. With an up to 3 mile range the T12 controller extends your remote start range so that you can start your vehicle from a large distance away all without stepping outside.

Remote Built To Last

The T12 is the perfect mix of technology and durability. Unlike some other remote start systems, the T12 provides instant feedback on your remote control through its LCD Screen, confirming wheter your vehicle has successfully started, locked or unlocked. This two-way controller will also alert you of any security events triggered by any of its integrated sensors.  To top it all off, the T12 controller is even rated to be IPX-7 Waterproof which means it can be submerged up to 1 meter deep of water without damaging the control! 

Security is Comfort

This T12 package comes with with all the security features you may need to keep your vehicle safe. While most other alarms only come equipped a shock sensor this  package includes a wide array of sensors that sensors that will protect and monitor your vehicle including: 

  • Advanced Shock Sensor to alert you of impacts to your vehicle and door tampering.
  • Glass Break Sensor that will alert you when a glass breaking tool has been used to enter your vehicle.
  • Starter Kill integration which helps prevent vehicle hotwiring while the alarm is engaged.
  • Tilt Sensor that constantly monitors your vehicle’s position to alert you if someone has lifted your vehicle in order to steal wheels or catalytic converters. 

Global Monitoring At Your Finger Tips

The T12 Pro Package also includes Compustar’s LTE Drone Mobile Module which allows you to monitor your vehicle no matter where you are. Just download the Drone Mobile app and register your alarm to see the real time location of your vehicle. The app also allows you to lock, unlock , and remote start your vehicle at any distance. 

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The Compustar T12 Remote Start System will revolutionize the way you interact with your vehicle by offering unmatched convenience and peace of mind. With its advanced features, enhanced security and professional installation, the T12 is a must-have accessory for every car owner. Don’t miss out and schedule an installation appointment today!