Snorkel Riser Kit Disclaimer


Our snorkel riser kits are specifically designed to extend the existing air intake and CVT inlets and outlets of an ATV or UTV. Our snorkel riser kits are not designed to make an ATV or UTV waterproof and in no way guarantee the waterproof operation of your ATV. As such, we do not offer nor imply any warranty on damages that may occur to an ATV due to, but not limited to, improper snorkel riser installation, improper use of ATV in conditions not recommended by ATV manufacturer, water or debris damage to ATV electrical components, or water or debris damage to ATV engine or mechanical components.


 We highly recommend that all snorkel riser kits are installed by a professional technician; once a riser kit is installed, we recommend frequently checking all components for leakage before use of ATV. Failure to check for any leaks may result in poor ATV performance and can result in irreparable damage to mechanical and electrical components of your ATV.

All sales are final. We offer no refunds or exchanges for any product purchased through our site.