Build Highlight: 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL Door Speaker Upgrade

For today’s build highlight we wanted to take a look at some factory door speaker upgrades for newer Jeep Wrangler JLs. Some newer JL models depend on 2 sets of 4inch speakers and two sets of 2inch tweeters for their factory sound system. While this might be fine for some, these small speakers just don’t cut it if you want a loud sound system. First of all, these tiny speakers aren’t really cut out for any sort of aftermarket amplifier, so if you were thinking about getting more oomph out of them by adding a 4-channel amplifier that’s going to be a no-go.


Luckily enough for us our friends over at Metra have developed speaker pods that allow us to go from the factory 4” component speakers over to a 6.5-inch speaker of your choice. Making the switch from a 4” door speaker to a 6.5” door speaker dramatically opens your options when it comes to picking out a replacement speaker for your power needs.These pods are available for both the two component speakers up on the sound bar and the set of 4” speakers that sit up under the driver foot wells so that way you can fully upgrade your Jeep’s factory sound system.

6.5 inch Kenwood speaker in its front dash adapter for Jeeps.

For this specific sound system, we decided to go with one of our favorite factory replacement full range door speakers: Kenwood Exelon Reference. As we’ve mentioned before- these door speakers are perfect for most sound systems. They work great with factory radios but can also handle up to 100 watts rms so they’re perfect for the addition of a 4-channel amplifier.

As always if you have any questions about our builds or want to price out a sound system of your own feel free to give us a call!

Remember its your ride, made better.

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What Are the Best Door Speakers?


Most people will hold on to their cars for at least 10 years which is great- until you realize that the average lifespan of factory door speakers are about 3 to 4 years. Getting ahead of the curve and replacing your old factory truck speakers before they go out can save you a bunch of headaches down the line. There are a wide range of truck speakers available out on the market today, so picking the right door speakers might be a little overwhelming at first, but don’t worry we got you!

Picking the best door speakers for your car is going to mainly boil down to one question: How loud do you want to go?

Kenwood Excelon truck door speaker installed.
Kenwood Excelon door speaker installed.


If your main goal is to improve your existing the sound quality and clarity of your factory system, then we highly suggest looking for speakers that advertise themselves as being “factory replacements”. These types of door speakers will work great with your factory or aftermarket radio and won’t need a four-channel amplifier. One of our absolute favorite speakers in this category is the Kenwood Excelon Reference series of speakers. These door speakers are built using a glass fiber cone which means that they’re built to last and come with a built in high power tweeter. This series of door speaker can handle up to 100 watts rms so while they’ll work great with whichever radio you have, they can also handle the addition of a 4 channel amplifier if you want your sound system to go even louder.

Kenwood Excelon truck door speaker installed.
Kenwood Excelon truck door speaker installed.


If you think it’s time for a door speaker upgrade in your car or truck- just give us a call! Its your ride, made better.