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Build Highlight: Can-Am Maverick X3 Custom Box and Full Sound System

This build highlight is going to focus on our full sound system build for yet another one of our Can-Am Maverick x3. This side by side got a full sound system treatment with a total of 6 high powered DB Drive midrange drivers, and two high powered Twister audio 8inch subwoofers.

Let’s start off this highlight by looking at the custom amp rack we made for this thing. Our amp rack sits flush in the roof and houses all our amplifiers high enough to protect them from the elements. The amp rack is made from the same materials we use to make our UTV bass boxes which are designed to withstand high moisture without swelling and breaking like traditional bass boxes made from MDF.

The elements that make this side-by-side stand out from our other builds is the addition of our custom-made door panel speaker pods. Each of our speaker pods houses a pair of high-powered drivers from DB Drive which comes out to about 500 watts rms combined per each door. But that’s not all- we even added another pair of 8-inch midrange speakers by the port of the custom box bringing the total amount of midrange speakers up to 6!


With that much power in our midrange speakers we had to make sure that we had enough bass to balance out the system. That’s why we went with two of Twister Audio’s 8-inch subwoofers that are rated at about 800 watts rms a piece. The woofers are housed in one of our custom-made bandpass woofer boxes which is specifically designed to produce a bass response you can feel even in an open space.


If you have any questions about this build or if you want to get a quote on a sound system for your UTV or side-by-side just give us a call!

Remember it’s your ride, made better.