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Can I add a Sound System to My Factory Radio?

So, you just got yourself a brand-new-top-of-the-line-best-2027 car or truck and you’ve made one huge realization- the factory sound system sucks. Well, the sound system sucks but you actually really like the factory radio that comes with it (Apple CarPlay and back-up cameras are awesome).

Setting up an LC6i from AudioControl in one of our systems.

Tons of people call into the shop to ask us this question about their vehicles- can I add a sound system to my car/truck without changing the factory radio? The answer is absolutely! We can install sound systems into most car or trucks without having to change or modify the factory radio because of adapters called Line Output Converters.

A line output converter is a device that allows us to get an audio signal from your factory radio and send that signal to a monoblock amplifier if you just want to add bass, or a 4-channel amplifier if you want to do a full sound system!

Now keep in mind that not all line output converters are made equal. There’s a ton of options out there when it comes to line output converters that will fit all sorts of budgets, but keep in mind that line output converters are the foundation of your sound system- having a good quality audio signal from your factory radio can make or break your sound system.

For sound systems that use two amplifiers- one for voice and one for bass- we highly recommend using AudioControl’s LC6i to grab a clean signal from your factory radio. However, if you are just wanting to add bass to your factory sound system or are on a tight budget, we’ve found that line output converters from companies like PAC Audio, Raptor Audio and AudioControl’s entry level line output converters will work just fine.

If you have any questions about sound systems, feel free to give us a call anytime!

Remember, it’s your ride made better.

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